Root Canals

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Root Canals services offered in South Tampa, Tampa, FL

Severe tooth pain, swelling, and pus in your gumline may indicate an infected tooth. At OneSource Dental of South Tampa in Tampa, Florida, the exceptional dental team offers same-day root canals to restore troublesome tooth damage and save your tooth. Call the office at the first sign of a toothache or schedule an appointment online today.

Root Canals Q&A

What are root canals?

Root canal therapy, or endodontic therapy, is available at OneSource Dental of South Tampa. It is a highly effective dental treatment that removes an infection from the inside of your tooth. Root canals also protect treated teeth from developing future infections. 

The OneSource Dental of South Tampa team is highly trained in root canal therapy and offers same-day care when time is of the essence.

Do I need a root canal?

The best way to know for sure if you need a root canal is to get evaluated by your OneSource Dental of South Tampa provider during a comprehensive dental exam.

Signs of a tooth infection or other contributors to needing a root canal include:

  • Tooth pain
  • Facial or gum swelling
  • Pus within your gumline
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Hot or cold sensitivity
  • Visible tooth damage
  • Large crack in your tooth
  • Pain with chewing

Your provider reviews your medical history and symptoms, examines your gums and teeth, and takes dental X-rays as needed to determine the extent of your tooth damage. They then tailor a treatment based on your needs and desired results.

What happens during a root canal?

Before your root canal, the OneSource Dental of South Tampa team numbs the treatment area and offers a sedative to make sure the procedure is comfortable and relaxing.

They create a hole in the top part of the affected tooth in order to remove an infection from the inside of your tooth. They clean the empty space and fill it with special materials that harden and protect your tooth from future problems. Your dentist then seals the tooth shut.

You might need a same-day crown to cover the entire surface of a treated tooth. The OneSource Dental of South Tampa team customizes a crown that fits your tooth comfortably.

What should I expect after root canal therapy?

After receiving a root canal, the treated tooth might feel sensitive for a day or so. Ice the area or take over-the-counter medicine to alleviate any discomfort.

Take care of a newly restored tooth by seeing your dentist every six months, not chewing on hard objects, brushing your teeth after meals, and flossing daily. Call the OneSource Dental of South Tampa office if you develop new or worsening symptoms.

To find out if you need a root canal, schedule an appointment at OneSource Dental of South Tampa by phone or online today.