Botox & Fillers

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Botox & Fillers services offered in South Tampa, Tampa, FL

If you’re looking to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and appear more youthful, OneSource Dental of South Tampa offers Botox®, fillers, and other injectables to achieve excellent results. Botox is clinically proven to stop the formation of wrinkles, and the team also offers fillers to overcome stubborn skin folds and stem cell rejuvenation to promote collagen production. Call the Tampa, Florida, office today to schedule a consultation or book online through the website’s secure portal. 

Botox & Fillers Q&A

What are Botox® and Fillers?

Botox is an injectable that freezes muscles and stops their repeated movements from forming wrinkles on your skin. Botox contains a potent substance called botulinum, which is safely extracted from bacteria and dosed in extremely precise concentrations to achieve beautiful, anti-aging results.

Botox is FDA-approved and requires no downtime after a procedure. This allows you to carry on with regularly scheduled daily activities.

The OneSource Dental of South Tampa experts also offer other potent injectables and fillers to minimize the effects of aging and encourage a radiant glow. Fillers can be used to improve your facial structure and youthful profile, defying skin folds and tough wrinkles with fullness and lift. In turn, Stem cell rejuvenation with protein-rich plasma (PRP) promotes your body’s natural collagen production. 

This therapy uses microneedles to penetrate the skin and deliver these important proteins directly to lower skin layers. This ensures the stem cells reach essential cells underneath, not just the top layer. 

Is Botox only used for my appearance?

Though frequently associated with cosmetic enhancements, Botox and stem cell therapies provide many other healthful benefits. In addition to frown lines and wrinkles, experts use Botox to treat uncontrollable muscle movements and sweating. Botox can also help an uncontrollable bladder and those that frequently experience migraines. In turn, the practice offers laser therapy to help with pigmentation.

When should I start receiving Botox and Filler treatments?

The age at which you receive Botox, Filler, and other injectables depends on your aesthetic and health goals. Older individuals may experience more wrinkles, which makes them excellent candidates for Botox. However, experts can also use Botox preventively to stop repeated muscle movements from forming wrinkles in the first place.

How long do Botox and Fillers last?

The longevity of a Botox procedure depends on the amount of Botox given and the size of the treatment areas. On average, you can expect Botox to last anywhere from three to six months. Some individuals may notice it lasts longer, depending on your body’s metabolism. 

Luckily, Botox is a quick procedure that doesn’t require you to block out entire sections of your day to receive treatment. This makes scheduling additional Botox treatments easy.

Fillers can see longevity from a few months to several years. Talk with your provider about the filler that best suits your goals and the longevity you seek. 

Learn more about how Botox, fillers, and other injectables can improve your quality of life by calling to schedule an appointment at the Tampa, Florida, office. You can also reserve an appointment online via the booking tool.