Laser Dentistry

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Laser Dentistry services offered in South Tampa, Tampa, FL

Have you heard about laser dentistry? The team at OneSource Dental of South Tampa in Tampa, Florida, uses the advanced Fotona LightWalker® laser system to create beautiful, healthy smiles without drilling, sutures, or pain. Laser dentistry may be your treatment of choice for tooth decay, gum disease, and so much more. Call OneSource Dental of South Tampa today or book an appointment online.     

Laser Dentistry Q&A

What happens during laser dentistry?

During a laser dentistry procedure, your provider at OneSource Dental of South Tampa replaces drills, scalpels, and other manual instruments with laser technology to treat a wide array of dental conditions. The speed, comfort, and precision available with the Fotona LightWalker® platform often offer a better overall experience than traditional dentistry for you or your child.

Following an initial exam of your gums and teeth, which may include dental X-rays, your OneSource Dental provider tailors each laser dentistry treatment to your individual needs. They’ll also explain each treatment and answer your questions thoroughly before proceeding.

What do you treat with laser dentistry?

Based on your symptoms, oral health history, and exam results, the OneSource Dental team might recommend laser dentistry for the following:

Hard tissue procedures

Laser dentistry is often an excellent solution for tooth damage, discoloration, or decay. Your provider might use a laser to:

  • Detect and remove cavities
  • Destroy plaque-inducing bacteria
  • Relieve tooth sensitivity
  • Prepare teeth for fillings, veneers, or crowns
  • Solidify white dental fillings
  • Improve the effectiveness and speed of whitening gel
  • Scaling and root planing for deep cleanings

Laser dentistry is quick, safe, and comfortable, reducing time spent in the dental chair and often eliminating the need for anesthesia during these procedures.

Soft tissue procedures

Your provider might also recommend laser dentistry to address soft tissue issues, including:

  • Treating gum disease
  • Reducing a gummy smile
  • Eliminating soft tissue folds
  • Removing benign tumors
  • Crown lengthening

Laser treatments can also improve breathing if you have sleep apnea, regenerate nerves and damaged blood vessels, address temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, and treat cold sores.

Why choose laser dentistry?

Choosing laser dentistry might mean avoiding drilling, incisions, sutures, or even local anesthesia during dental treatments. Its speed and efficiency help reduce anxiety, making you or your child feel more at ease during an appointment. Also, because the laser seals tissue instantly, it reduces post-surgical pain, bleeding, and swelling, lessening your recovery time while ensuring the best possible outcome.

To learn more about the pain-free benefits of laser dentistry, call Florida’s premier OneSource Dental of South Tampa today or use their secure online booking feature to schedule a visit.