Adult Tooth Loss Is Common: Here’s How You Can Prevent It

Jul 02, 2023
Adult Tooth Loss Is Common: Here’s How You Can Prevent It
Adult tooth loss is more common than you might think. Fortunately, there are effective ways to help prevent it. Learn more about the causes of adult tooth loss as well as strategies that can help you safeguard your smile.

Losing teeth is not just a concern for older people; it can happen to adults of all stages in life. Keeping your teeth healthy is crucial not just for a great smile but also for your overall well-being. 

Knowing the causes of tooth loss and the steps you can take to prevent it is essential. Additionally, getting regular dental checkups is key. Nancy Horton, DMD, of OneSource Dental of South Tampa in Tampa, Florida, offers a range of services, from routine cleanings to advanced procedures.

She and her team are here to help you effectively maintain your oral health and prevent tooth loss. In this blog, Dr. Horton breaks down the reasons behind adult tooth loss and the most effective preventive measures.

Why does adult tooth loss occur?

It's important to know why adults lose teeth, so you can take steps to keep your smile healthy. Some of the most common causes include:

Gum disease

One of the main culprits behind adult tooth loss is gum disease. It begins as gum inflammation, but it can advance into a condition that damages the soft tissues and bone tissues that support the teeth.

Tooth decay

If you don’t practice good oral hygiene, or if you frequently indulge in sweets, you could get cavities and, eventually, suffer tooth loss. Plaque buildup from food and bacteria can eat away at your tooth's enamel, which can compromise your oral health.

Trauma and accidents

Whether it's a rogue baseball or an unfortunate stumble, accidents can wreak havoc on your dental health. Such incidents can lead to immediate tooth loss or lead to issues that result in tooth extraction.

Medical conditions

Certain conditions, such as diabetes and osteoporosis, can impact your oral health and contribute to tooth loss.

How can you prevent adult tooth loss?

Knowing how to protect your teeth can significantly reduce your risk for adult tooth loss. Your first line of defense involves regular checkups and cleanings. Early detection and swift intervention are critical. Other ways to protect your smile include:

Good oral hygiene

Brushing twice daily and flossing daily is essential in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. 

Healthy diet

Consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, and limit sugary and acidic foods that can contribute to tooth decay.


If you're a sports enthusiast or grind your teeth at night, wearing a mouthguard can be a tooth-saver.

Lifestyle changes

Quitting smoking and limiting alcohol consumption can significantly decrease your risk for gum disease and tooth loss.

Manage chronic conditions

If you have a medical condition that affects your oral health, work closely with your health care provider to manage it.


Adopting these preventive strategies can help you maintain your oral health and keep your smile intact.

Solutions for tooth loss

Should tooth loss occur despite your best efforts, it's not the end of the world. There are many treatments that can help you eat, speak, and smile well again, such as implants, bridges, and dentures. If you have one or more missing teeth, Dr. Horton can give you a thorough evaluation and discuss your next steps.

At OneSource Dental of South Tampa, our dedicated team cares about your smile. If you want to get your teeth cleaned or discuss any other dental issue, we can help. To learn more, call 813-879-9299 or book an appointment online with OneSource Dental of South Tampa today.